Laptops to slowly die.

‘Why should it be like this?’ is a question I ask myself often.

My recent (crazy?’) question,
Why should a laptop have an lcd screen?.
I have a docking station at work with ‘double’ monitors and a 24 inch monitor at home. I seldom use the lcd screen of my laptop. Why can’t it have an LED projector which I can use only when I need it?
So.. Why can’t a laptop be like this?

I have keyboard and mouse connected to my docking station at work and have a light weight Bluetooth Keyboard mouse at home.
I may not need the one that comes with the laptop.

If there is no keyboard and mouse, should the laptop still be that big?
Can’t it be smaller?
Lap top mini

In the age of cloud computing, ‘They’ say the The processor and even the storage would be in cloud.
If so, Is it enough to have something like a mini processor with wifi to connect me to my computer at cloud?

Could that mini processor be in my phone?
Phone computing

Wait Wait.. Camera??
Phone has one.

What if I get a call when I’m working?
Answer it in Bluetooth Headset!!

Well.. If you are not a phone person?
Then there will be something, say a “Magic Drum” with Wifi, Bluetooth, 6G network, Projector, Camera, Surround Speakers and Sub-woofer. :)

Huh!! What happened to the laptop I had here?? :)